Valsa Trading Pty Ltd

Valsa Trading (Pty) Ltd is a premium supplier and manufacturer of a unique range of mounting solutions for a variety of solar energy installation applications. Established in 2009, Valsa is offering a comprehensive range of solar energy products which will include PV solar panels, Inverters for grid tied and Off Grid solutions, Li-ion batteries, DC and AC cables, DC and AC combiner boxes, cable management and housing, Power Tolls and accessories.

“Nearly 10 years ago, we identified a gap in the solar industry, and started sourcing, designing and manufacturing mounting structures for a variety of solar applications,” owner-director Svilen Voychev explains. “These include full range of rooftop mounting structure on metal sheet roofs, corrugated roofs, tiled roofs and more. We went on to develop mounting structures for Carports and Ground mount Applications. Valsa Trading also markets and distributes solar tensile cable structure solutions from A+ Sunsystems, facilitating solar installations on the ground, in quarries, in vineyards ... the possibilities are endless!”

Valsa Trading’s recent decision to expand their product range has been met with enthusiasm from clients across Africa, who now see the company as a one-stop solar shop. Personal attention, world-class products and competitive pricing make Valsa Trading the supplier of choice for all solar installations. 

For further information, or to order, please visit http://valsa.co.za, or e-mail sales@valsa.co.za. Alternatively, feel free to call :+27(0)11 79401306 ; +27(0)61 288 2572.